The Wilderness



The Wilderness is a documentary from Crooked Media & Two-Up about the history and future of the Democratic Party. Pod Save America’s Jon Favreau tells the story of a party finding its way out of the political wilderness through conversations with strategists, historians, policy experts, organizers, and voters. In fifteen chapters, the series explores issues like inequality, race, immigration, sexism, foreign policy, media strategy, and how Democrats can build a winning majority that lasts. 

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Written and Directed by
Jon Favreau of Crooked Media

Produced by
Zack Akers & Skip Bronkie of Two-Up and Ruth Lichtman

Co-produced by
Tanya Somanader of Crooked Media

Edited by
Andrea B. Scott

Archival Produced by
Rebecca Kent

Music by
Marty Fowler

Sound Design and Mixing by
Joel Raabe

Assistant Editor
David Fuchs

Archival Researcher
Giona Jefferson

Lead Interviewee Researcher
Tracey Lien

Additional Writing by
Zack Akers and Andrea B Scott

Ep 114 Segment Field Producing by
Brit Hanson

Lead Recording Engineers
John Maynard and Dan Kelly

Fact-checking by
Anna Altman

Promo Segment Editing by
Alison Grasso

Transcription Services by
Descript and Samantha Lee

Agency Services by
Ben Davis at WME

Legal Services by
Dean Bahat at Ziffren Brittenham and Chad Russo at Ramo Law

Clearance Counsel
Kathryn Alimohammadi at Donaldson + Callif

Additional Production Assistance by
Monique Laborde

Additional Recording Engineers
Dan Kloch, Matthew Sisco, Tom Pieczkolon, Gustavo Conteras, Ferrick Hallaron